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Slowly starting to work on the Dubai/UAE video, organizing the mass amounts of photos and video I've accumulated over the past 2 years and I've already finished the NYE 2014 section (I'm working backwards I guess). Here is where it ended up: camera work is horrible, I know, was too busy enjoying it through my own eyes than that of the camera quite honestly.

The logistics of this event were downright horrible, taking over almost 2 hours to travel the length of the Palm Jumeirah by the provided (required) bus transport. However, at the event, there was plenty of food and drink, extremely short lines, and good music. Trash was managed well by the army of slaves workers who diligently weaved their way around the patrons picking up any litter that managed to hit the sand.

The fireworks were simply unbelieveable. Kicking off about 20min late, to the point Duanna was crushed thinking she made a bad recommendation for our NYE plans, the World-Record Breaking display lasted over 6 minutes. By the end of it there was so much smoke in the air, it actually started to get hard to breathe LOL.

Continuing the horrible transportation planning by the event, The buses were not allowed to shuttle anyone back until 01:30, of course this information was unknown by anyone at the time, so we, along with 100s of others, were left sitting on the crowded buses for about an hour waiting to leave. By the time we got back to the "bus depot" it was a mad dash to the Metro station, which ended up being shut down in the direction we needed to travel. Cue the desparate search for a cab. Along with the billion other people. You would think the event would have coordinated some form of Taxi stand, but this is the Emirates. We ended up flagging down a cab along the side of Sheik Zayed Rd (The main 10-lane superhighway that runs the lenth of the city) offering to share it with a pair of Russian Girls who seemed pathetically desparate in need of help. Our relief of finally finding a cab to get back to the hotel was short-lived as this cabbie refused to take us all the way to Diera (the heavily congested north-side of the city) so Du and I jumped out at the Mall of the Emirates, hoping to have better luck - Which ultimatly we did. After about another 20min trying to find a cab that would brave the brunt of the NYE traffic, we were able to make it back to the hotel a little after 4am.

It was a good event overall all, aside from the transportation woes, which the promotions company acknowledged and refunded (I believe) everyone. At least got 100% refunded for the tickets. So all's good. Duanna & I had an amazing time. Lesson learned though, in Dubai, ALWAYS get a hotel close to the activities you have planned.