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Eurotrip 2012 Trailer
In March 2012, after working in Afghanistan for about 7 months, I finally got some leave time which I used to visit with my family back stateside and friends in Denver. After about a week or so in the "land of the free," myself and my two best buds, Justin & Saint took off for a 13-day European Vacation.

We flew into London, with no plan save for knowing we had 13 days to make it to Budapest, Hungary from where we would go our separate ways. It was a trip of a lifetime, stopping in Paris, Cologne, Prague, Bratislava and of course Budapest - Shooting photos and video with my little Nikon P&S the whole way. Wrapping up my stint in AFG, and moving to the United Arab Emirates at the end of May, I still had not put together the much anticipated "EuroVideo," much to my friend's disappointment. However, knowing I was headed back home for the Christmas/New Years holiday, I had a definitive deadline to finish the video.

And I did. The full runtime falling just short of 1hr 20min, I'm not going to post the entire film online, so please settle for a nifty little trailer I put together.